Commitment ceremony, secular ceremony

What is a secular or commitment ceremony?

For couples who would like to get married in a different way, without the religious frame. The secular ceremony is an alternative increasingly developing.
It has nothing to do with the bureaucratic and administrative aspect of the civil marriage. The couple and their guests share an emotional moment.

You celebrate your mutual commitment in presence of your guests.
Couples who choose this solution want to give some intensity, dream and soul to the most beautiful day of their lives.

How a secular ceremony does it proceed?

The advantage of a secular ceremony is to give much freedom to the couple. No codes, no rules are required. You can imagine everything. You can for instance base on the proceeding of a religious ceremony, or do something completely different. However, in order to make sure your ceremony will meet your expectations, you should carefully define them beforehand.

Elements composing an unforgettable and personalised ceremony:

An atypical location: inside (fitted hall, castle, cellar…) or outside (a beautiful park, the top of a mountain, etc.)
A specific decoration: The American setup has got a lot of success, with a decorated arch, an aisle with flowers and on both sides white covered chairs…
But the decoration as well as the nature of the ceremony should be representative of the couple.
Highlights: Classical rituals (exchange of vows and rings), or original rituals (sand, candles, roses).
The participants: The secular ceremony gives much place to your guests. Relatives, testimonies and friends are invited to intervene with music, songs, speeches, etc.
Texts: Any kind of love texts written by authors of all times.
Music: You can choose between all the musical registers of the world. From classical music to rock, rap or electro… there is no limit!
But above all, the only things you really need for a wedding ceremony are both of you and your love for each other!

We describe in this document all the steps of the preparation and of the Big Day

We invite you to meet our officiant. We are there to listen to your expectations and ideas.
We assist you and we organize your ceremony for you.

This works for any kind of ceremony: Civil solidarity pact, same-sex marriage, retirement, birthday, and any important moment of your life.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us, to ask questions and to meet us.

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